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Support A Cause

It is beautiful to convey your message of love, hope and support in the moments of happiness or sadness to those you love with a gift. However, it is more beautiful to express your message of love with the enduring impact of a more meaningful gift. The Paradise charity gift cards highlight the importance of special celebrations, such as a baby shower, a birthday or sharing a life together. Moreover, they can be given in honour and memory of the loved ones who have passed away.

With purchasing the Paradise charity gift cards for different occasions, you help to transform the life of a forgotten child or a family in need, which in turn will bring you and your loved ones, the God’s provision and blessing. Enclosed with the Paradise charity gift card is a section that is filled by the recipient of the gift who decides on how the funds are spent, such as food, health care, education, and so on. All gift recipients will receive a tax receipt for the donation you have made.

As noted, each Paradise charity gift card has two sections. The first part indicates the amount of the gift ($20, $30, $50, $100, $200) and the name of the donor and recipient of the gift. The second section is filled by the gift recipient for the purpose of choosing the option of spending the funds (food, health care, education, etc.) and the information required for tax receipt.