• 328 HWY 7E, Richmond Hill
  • Ontario, Canada


How to Donate

There are a number of ways to make a donation.

  • Cheque (Made Payable to "Paradise Charity Group")

    Cheques can be written for sponsoring a child, either through one cheque provided for the entire year, equally proportioned by the charity for each month
    Or Post dated cheques for the year, withdrawn each month
    Cheques can also be made for one time donations

  • Cash

    You can make cash donations by either bringing it directly to our charity (Unit 202A, 328 HWY 7E, Richmond Hill)
    Please do not mail any cash

  • Bank

    Note: Please notify us upon deposit and provide a bank receipt in order to determine the donor and be able to issue a tax receipt.

    You can make a donation through bank transfer to the following accounts:

    • ScotiaBank (Transit# 45922 Account# 0072311)
    • RBC Bank (Transit# 00888 Account# 1017086)

    For transferred donations, please call, fax, or email us your bank receipt and address. This information is required for issuing a tax receipt.

All donations are tax deductable.

Revenue Canada Business Identification:
(Charitable Reg.)# 859148736RR0001